KLÜBER PFPE Lubrications

Maxon Cinema 4DAutodesk MayaAutodesk SoftimageOtoy OctaneMootzoid emPolygonizer5Adobe Aftereffects
  • modeling
  • fluid
  • shading
  • texturing
  • lighting
  • animation
  • compositing
additional credits
graphical elements
A manufacturer of special lubricants for the industrial sector commissioned my client with the production of two exhibition films with a rather high level of information, which would show the advantages and the production steps of these highly specific greases.

Since the concept would still be worked on over a large part of the production period and changes regarding the areas of application to be shown were to be expected, I decided to first develop an environment and compositing workflow that was visually based on the CI of the customer. But above all, it had a lighting setup included in which every requested object would already be correctly lit: an industrial hall, which I enriched with partly self-made, partly commercially available models and which would also be suitable as an environment for future orders.

In order to keep the workload with the very high number of objects to be shown manageable, I sought commercially available solutions wherever possible, so that only shaders and textures of the models had to be adjusted. Nevertheless, due to their very special nature, I still had to create a large number of required assets entirely by hand.

For the implementation of the desired fluid simulations, I used the already discontinued software Autodesk Softimage/Lagoa.

A follow-up order, in which the use of lubricants in the automotive sector was to be shown, could be completed in a relatively short time thanks to the thoroughly created environment. Here you can see some screenshots of this project: