Image film KulturLandschaft Günztal

Autodesk SoftimageAutodesk MudboxAnderson Technologies Syntheyes
  • modeling
  • sculpting
  • shading
  • texturing
  • lighting
  • rigging
  • vfx
  • animation
  • tracking
additional credits
rigging, animation [frog, stork]

Simon Janik, Toya Drechsler

The purpose of this image film was once to draw general attention to the dwindling habitat of animals caused by human cities and also to specifically advertise for a protected area of the KulturLandschaft Günztal foundation. For this purpose, several animals were created, rigged and integrated into real-life footage, shot by the client. The animals were animated in situations that remind us of people in need in order to make the topic relatable.