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Adidas Studio A


November 2018

Maxon Cinema 4D
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Adobe Substance
Adobe Aftereffects
additional credits
A new collection of tennis clothing was to be presented in the two famous arenas: Wimbledon and US Open. 3D models of these stadiums were purchased, which had to be further improved in a first step, since they were only designed as a game asset.
Using a freely accessible generator, we also created a few dozen different spectators to populate the stadiums. At the same time, one of my colleagues rigged and animated the digital models of two well-known tennis players, 3D-scanned by a London based agency. The original version of these animations still contained a number of typo animations and other vfx, which had to be removed for this online version.
ADIDAS Studio A tennis clothing